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The Lion Rampant - Scotlands' Unofficial Flag

The Lion Rampant Flag, also known as The Royal Flag of Scotland, dates back to the 13th Century. Learn why the Scottish love their 'lion flag'.

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Scottish National Bird - Should It Be The Golden Eagle?

There is no official Scottish national bird, but the iconic Golden Eagle is the people's choice. Learn more about this stunning Scottish symbol here.

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Scottish Heather - The Legendary Flower Of Scotland

Scottish Heather is a world-famous symbol of Scotland. Learn everything about this beautiful, wild and sturdy plant.

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Scotland Culture - Not Just Kilts & Haggis!

Scotland's culture is based on a colorful, vibrant history. Today, ancient and modern is blended into traditions that you can reach out and touch. Magic.

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Scottish Traditions

Scottish traditions are a unique, colorful and vibrant expression of Scotland's culture. There's something for everyone!

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Scottish Weddings

Scottish weddings are the perfect combination of history, tradition and romance! Ancient customs, unique touches, serious party-time.

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Scotland Facts - Geography, Symbols, Traditions & Trivia

Scotland - facts, figures and so much more. Scottish culture, symbols, wildlife, people. You name it, it's here.

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Scottish Food - Not Just Haggis & Shortbread

All about Scottish Food. Diverse, tasty and satisfying Scotland's fare is also surprising. History, favorites and more.

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About Scotch Whisky

Scotch Whisky is unique, and as fiery and captivating as the country itself. Learn all about the 'water of life' here.

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Cooking Measurements Conversions

The cooking measurements and conversions you need to adjust dry or liquid ingredients for UK to US recipes. Easy peasy.

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