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Happy New Year!

Hogmanay Customs. Blending History, Tradition and Fun

Scotlands' Hogmanay customs and traditions can be traced back hundreds of years and are still joyously celebrated across our small country. Hogmanay means 'New Years Eve' and no-one rings in the New Year the way the Scottish do!

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Merry Christmas Everyone!

Scottish Weddings

Scottish weddings are the perfect combination of history, tradition and romance! Ancient customs add unique touches, and the Scots ability to party is legendary. Prepare to be fascinated.

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All About Scottish Kilts

Scottish Kilts are one of the most recognizable symbols of Scotland and Scottish culture. Learn the history of the kilt, about clan tartans and accessories, how and when kilts are worn today, and what goes underneath!

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Scottish Highland Games - History and Tradition

The Scottish Highland Games are an age-old tradition that still offers fun, food and feats of strength with a strictly Scottish flavor. Learn more about this competitive festival, and what makes it so special, here.

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Scottish Heather - The Legendary Flower Of Scotland

Beautiful Scottish Heather is a world-famous symbol of Scotland. Learn everything about this wild and sturdy plant, it's history, legends and uses, including why it's considered lucky for brides.

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Scottish Surnames - Origins, History & Naming Practices

The history and origins of Scottish surnames, and naming practices, are fascinating and complex. If you want to know more about Scottish last names, and how they came about, this page has the information you're looking for.

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Scottish Sayings & Phrases

Authentic Scottish sayings and phrases - most of them straight from my Scottish granny's mouth. Complete with 'sassenach' (English) translations! Enjoy a taste of our unique Scottish words and phrasing here.

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Scottish Magic - Find It Here!

Scottish magic is a blend of historic castles and ancient ruins, stunning scenery, colorful history, belly-warming recipies, age-old traditions and welcoming people. If you haven't been introduced to Scotland yet, get a taste of what you're missing right here.

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