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The Scottish Thistle - Why It's The Perfect National Flower

The Scottish thistle is beautiful, fierce and robust - the perfect emblem for a country of stunning landscapes, turbulent history and resilient people.

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Scottish Fold Cats - A Unique & Lovable Breed

Scottish Fold Cats are lovable, friendly and downright adorable to look at. Learn all about the looks, personality and care of this unique Scottish breed right here.

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The Unicorn Of Scotland - Our Mystical National Animal

The Unicorn of Scotland is the perfect 'National Animal' for a fascinating country, rich in history and steeped in myths, legends and magic.

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Famous Scottish People

Famous Scottish people. They're inventors, actors, musicians, poets, politicians..... so many famous Scots to choose from. Meet some of them here.

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Scottish Heather Gifts & Goodies

Scottish heather gifts and goodies bring a little taste of Scotland into your life. Heathergem jewelry, yummy treats, delicious scents and more.

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Scottish National Bird - Should It Be The Golden Eagle?

There is no official Scottish national bird, but the iconic Golden Eagle is the people's choice. Learn more about this stunning Scottish symbol here.

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Scottish Surnames - Origins, History & Naming Practices

The history and origins of Scottish surnames, and naming practices, are fascinating and complex. Everything you want to know, all in one place.

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Scottish Food - Not Just Haggis & Shortbread

All about Scottish Food. Diverse, tasty & satisfying Scotland's fare is also surprising. History, favorites & more.

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About Scottish Names

Scottish names are as diverse and colorful as the country they represent. History & origin first and last names plus links to popular baby names.

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Scottish dog breeds take part in NYC Tartan Day Parade

As a Scot and a dog lover, I loved seeing the Scottish breeds take part in the April 2015 NYC Tartan Day Parade.

Barbour (an international clothing designer who has headquarters in Scotland) sponsored the canine participants and many of them wore Barbours' trademark tartan dog jackets. They looked so adorable <3

I thought you might enjoy the youtube video published by www.urbananimalsonline.com.... bagpipes, kilts, scottish dogs in tartan coats.... what could be better? Enjoy!

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