Your Guide To EVERYTHING Scottish

If it's Scottish, it's going to be special!

Colorful history, friendly people, stunning scenery, haunting legends, ancient traditions, story-book castles.... our small country has a magical quality that's unique and captivating.

Take a look at this slideshow and you'll soon see what we mean...

It's also a land of contrasts and contradictions....

  • tiny whitewashed cottages dwarfed by towering peaks
  • banks of steel-gray clouds parting to reveal a vivid blue sky and radiant sunshine
  • ancient & historical buildings rubbing shoulders with sleek modern architecture
  • Ruggedly peaceful countryside dotted with vibrant, bustling cities.....

Scotland's landscape is so raw and majestic that it's literally breathtaking, and  you're surrounded by castles, ruins, traditions and drama that are worthy of a place in  the 'Game of Thrones' saga.

Even our animals and wildlife are special. Just look at those stunning, and adorable, Highland Cattle in the slideshow above (or, as our family calls them - 'hairy cows').

Then there's the hearty food... the soul-stirring music... the 'funny' sayings and almost unintelligible accents... there's so much to discover, and you'll love it all.

Hello & Welcome To Our Website

We are Sue & Annie, and this site is a 'labor of love' for us.

Although we're Scottish at heart (and by blood and birthplace too!), you don't have to be a Scot to get a taste of the country we love.

We're committed to creating the friendliest online guide to our home country - with the personal touch that's lacking in so many of the 'big boys'.

Here is just a taste of what we have in store for you...

If you can trace your heritage back to Scotland here's your chance to learn all about the land of your ancestors.

Or perhaps you're planning a trip and want to know more about the places you can visit and the things you 'just have to' see. You can do that here.

If you're a Scot living across the pond (or even just across the border) it might be a taste of home you're looking for.

Our mom (and Grandma) left Glasgow over 50 years ago, but she loves to sit and listen to traditional Scottish music - she even gives a little 'whee- heee' every now and then. (You might need to BE a Scot to appreciate that!)

And of course this site is perfect for if you simply want a glimpse of the magic which gives our little country such a huge heart.

So welcome, come on in, and let Bonnie Scotland cast her spell on you! 

Loch Morlich, ScotlandLoch Morlich

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