Glossary Of Cooking Terms

Do you know how important a glossary of cooking terms is going to be if you want to translate British recipes into American terms?

If you don't, and you're getting ready to try a UK recipe.... you're soon going to find out!

To save you time, effort and frustration, we've put together a list of some of the most common cookery terms used in the UK, and given you their US 'translation'.

If you don't know what a 'rasher' is, have never heard of Caster Sugar or Icing Sugar, and wouldn't know a Courgette if you fell over one - then you're going to need this guide.

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Glossary Of Cooking Terms - ingredients

British American
Aubergine Eggplant
'Bangers' Sausages
Bap Soft, white bun. Similar to burger bun
Biscuits Cookies
Broad Beans Fava or Lima Beans
Caster Sugar Similar to Superfine sugar
Chickpeas Garbanzo Beans
Chips French Fries
Cornflour Similar to Cornstarch
Cooking Apples Tart, green apples
Courgettes Zucchini
Crisps Potato Chips
Dessicated Coconut Shredded Coconut
Digestive Biscuits Similar to Graham Crackers
Double Cream Heavy Cream
Fish Fingers Fish Sticks
Flaked Almonds Slivered Almonds
Gammon Steaks Ham Steaks
Golden Syrup Similar to Light Corn Syrup
Icing Sugar Confectioners or Powdered Sugar
Icing Frosting
Jam Preserves or Jelly
Jelly Jello
Jacket Potato Baked Potato
Lard Clarified Pork Fat
Mince Ground Beef
Mincemeat Sweet pie filling, made with dried fruit/peel
Plain Flour All-Purpose Flour
Prawns Shrimp
Rasher of Bacon Slice of Bacon
Porridge Oats Oatmeal
Orange Rind Orange Peel
Single Cream Light Cream
Sultana Similar to yellow raisin, different grape
Swede Rutabaga or Yellow Turnip
Treacle Molasses
Wholemeal Wholewheat

Glossary Of Cooking Terms - Cookware & Utensils

British American
Baking Foil or Tinfoil Aluminum Foil
To 'Bake Blind' Bake an empty pastry shell, weighted down with dried beans
Baking Sheet or Tray Cookie Sheet
Cake Tin Baking Tin
Cling-film Plastic Wrap
Cocktail Sticks Toothpicks
The 'Cooker' The Stovetop
Fish Slice Spatula
Grated Shredded
Greaseproof Paper Waxed Paper
Kitchen Paper Paper Towel
Muslin Cheesecloth
Tea Towel Kitchen Towel (Cloth)

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