The Best Scottish Heather Gifts & Goodies

Scottish heather gifts bring a touch of Scotland's history and color into your life.

For thousands of years, the beautiful, resilient, heather plant has carpeted the highlands with gorgeous pink and purple flowers.

For just as long, creative and self-sufficient Scots have been using this wild and hardy little plant in countless ways.... and we're still creating new and exciting heather-inspired products today.

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Purple Scottish heather growing wild

Scottish Heather Jewelry

Heathergems creates stunning jewelry which perfectly blends the natural beauty of this famous plant with authentic metals such as silver and pewter.

Choose from a range that features both traditional and contemporary designs, and wear a little piece of Scotland with pride.


These items are just a small sample of the full range of Heathergem jewelry. Click on this link to view a whole slew of gorgeous designs, all made with real Scottish heather....

Heathergems Scottish Jewelry

Tasty Heather-Infused Goodies 

Try one, or more, of these delicious goodies. They're rich with this little flower's unique sweetness and flavor....

Miscellaneous Gifts Featuring Scotland's Heather

Here are a few more Scottish heather gift ideas for you.

Each one of them contains rich, fragrant Scottish heather to bring the scent and color of the Highlands right into your home.

Etsy has a fantastic selection of unique and beautiful Scottish Heather gifts and goodies. From jewelry, soaps, scented candles, bouquets, corsages and buttonholes and so much more. Take a look right here!